My Vietnam Diaries

I am starting this page as a type of diary of my everyday life in Vietnam. I will use it basically as a travel diary. I will also still write posts about Vietnam but this will be short snippets of my days here. I will try post as much as possible, but it all depends on time and what exciting things happened each day. 

2 June 2017

Can you believe that it is already June?? Crazy Crazy Crazy!

I spent today chilling as it was my day off. I also went out last night, so was nice to just have a relaxed day. The last two days have been crazy hot. It reached 39 degrees today, and stayed that way for about half of the day. Now as I sit here writing at 20h00 it is currently 36 degrees so the air-conditioning has, naturally, become my best friend.

I think its time to find a good movie and have a chill tonight, in preparation for the hectic weekend work to begin.

Good Night Gypsies!! xxx

31 May 2017

So after work tonight, my housemates and landlord took me out to have frog. Not something I thought would be available in Vietnam. It kind of tasted like chicken but with a lot more bones. No too bad.

Good Night Gypsies xxx

30 May 2017

Update on the ankle…its feeling a lot better which I am very happy about because I think it is only sprained. I think today is another bed day and then off to work.

Hope you all have a lovely day!! xxx

29 May 2017

So today I have spent the day resting my ankle in front of the fan.

My ankle seems to be doing much better today which is a great relief, but I decided I needed to rest it today so the healing process can go a bit quicker. It also been a crazy hot day today so being in front of the fan has been a huge plus.

I also slept for 3 hours so I think its gonna be a late night for me.

Hope everyone has had a good Monday!! xxx

28 May 2017

So today started off with an hour and a half of work and then I set of on a scooter taxi to meet my friend for lunch. Unfortunatley, on the way there I was in an accident. We were turning a corner and another scooter just came straight for us (clearly doesnt know where his breaks are). I ended up with a very bruised and swollen ankle/foot. I still manged to go for lunch and look around at the flea market that was happening.

I took a taxi home but still had to walk a bit, which seemed to be a difficult task. I have eventually arrived home and cleaned and dressed my foot. Hopefully this heals up soon.

I’m off to another shift at work.

Good Night Gypsies! xxx

23-27 May 2017


22 May 2017

So I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have pretty much just been getting settled in my new home and my job. All of which I am really enjoying so far.

Today I had a day worth noting in my diaries. I went with a couple of friends to two different museums. The first one we visited was Hoa Lo Prison. It was very interesting to learn a bit about the history of Vietnam and what went on in the war.

Due to the extreme heat, we then stopped of at a Café for something to rehydrate ourselves. I tried a coconut coffee for the first time, and it was absolutely sensational. Defiantly one of my new favourite drinks.

The next stop was the Women’s Museum. It is a beautiful museum dedicated to the women of Vietnam and the different cultures they follow. It was very interesting and different to what I expected.

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday!

Good Night Gypsies xx

15 May 2017

Met up with some of my friends from training this morning. We managed to find actual bacon! what a treat!!!

14 May 2017

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

13 May 2017

Today was my first day of work and boy was it a long day. I did, however, enjoy it very much. Lunch was quite an experience. Another teacher and I decided to try and find some where to eat in the area however we found this extremely difficult. Every restaurant we walked past had a whole cooked dog in the window and this put us off, but we pulled through and eventually found a place.

Its been a long day so I’m off to bed.

Good Night Gypsies xx

11 May 2017

I decided that before work starts “for real” , I need to spend some time exploring the surrounding areas, and so I made my way to the Old Quarter this morning.

What a gorgeous, stunning place! It is actually just off Hoan Kiem Lake (where I went 2 days ago). The streets, along with the lake close by, make for an amazing atmosphere. I have decided that Hoan Kiem and the Old Quarter are my favourite places in Vietnam so far.

The Old Quarter is known for its amazing shopping streets. I will do a more in depth post on it soon, so keep a look out for it. I shopped away the day and boy did I enjoy it. Items I bought included a silk lantern, a gorgeous embroidered backpack, a cute little Vietnamese key ring and some stunning linen.

I also enjoyed a lake-side lunch that included Sweet and Sour pork with rice. YUMMY!!

Now its off to cook some dinner and then hit the sack!

Good Night Gypsies xx

10 May 2017

It’s moving day!!! Today I moved into a shared house with 4 other people. I now have a home for the next few months.

09 May 2017

So my intention of today was to go and get my documents sorted at the Embassy of South Africa, however I arrived late and was told they were on lunch. This actually didn’t annoy me at all, as I was in one of the most beautiful places. I was in Hoan Kiem, and just near by the lake. I then decided that whilst I waited I would explore the lake and have a nice cold beverage at a near by café’. I really enjoyed this day!

I then went back to the embassy after lunch, only to find out that their hours are only before lunch, I guess I will have to make another trip here sometime soon!

I’m off to bed now!

Good Night Gypsies xxx

07 May 2017

So it was my first day at work today! It’s was actually a very chilled one because my centre is brand new, and so all I had to take-part in was the demo lessons to introduce students and parents into our centre. I actually really enjoyed myself and got to know all the staff at my centre.

It’s been a long day so I’m off to bed!

Good Night Gypsies xxx

06 May 2017

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it was a very busy day. I had training and then spent the night studying for today.

Today also wasn’t too interesting. I spent the entire day training and doing my test and final simulations for my job. I passed thank goodness and now I get to start teaching. Shocker alert… I start tomorrow.

Okay I’m off to start preparing and then to bed.

Good Night Gypsies!! xxx

04 May 2017

Health Check Day!!!

Well I woke up uncertain of what a Health Check over here actually entails. Buuuuut I soon found out that it includes everything from your eye sight, to your lungs, to peeing in a cup. Oh and of course ‘my favourite’ blood tests. So I am not such a fan of blood tests because every time I have one, I faint without fail. And today the exact same thing happened… not once but twice. I was incredibility lucky to have very helpful people around me and the hospital had the most lovely staff. I was soon back on my feet and off to conquer another part of the check.

I then spent a few hours with some lovely girls having lunch and looking around a few shops. Then it was back to the centre for training.

Today has been a rather long day, filled with a variety of different things so I am quite exhausted. I think I need a glass of wine haha. Anyways, I need to get to my prep and then to bed.

Good Night Gypsies xxx

P.S. if you have any suggestion of places I must see in Hanoi, please leave me a comment bellow. Thank you!

03 May 2017

Today I started my first day of training. This is the first part or start of my English teaching career. It was a great day.

I met so many new people, majority of them being from South Africa, which is quite nice as it adds a bit of familiarity. The centre that I am lucky enough to be working for, is filled with the most wonderful, kind people which has just made me feel so much more at home.

I now have to get started on my prep for tomorrow because I have an early start tomorrow. I’m becoming such a teacher, haha.

Good Night Gypsies xxx

01 May 2017

Today has been a lovely one. It was incredibly hot today and I walked my butt off, and had an amazing day.

I got a good night of rest in last night, which made for an even better day out. I am getting used to the noodle breakfasts and actually look forward to it at the start of the day. I am also becoming a professional at crossing the street in Hanoi, which makes me very happy…haha.

I started my day off with a very cheap taxi ride to Tran Quoc Pagoda which is situated on West Lake. I was such an amazing place, filled with huge amounts of beauty. **Read about it in my new post that will be up on Wednesday!!!** I then decided to take a little stroll around the lake and have a photoshoot as one does when on holiday. It was a bit difficult seen as I was on my own, but I managed, don’t worry. (Check out the pictures on my Instagram.)

Another destination I visited was the Quan Thanh Temple. Also an incredible experience to see. Enjoyed an iced coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Café, which complimented my non-Vietnamese chocolate chip biscuit very well.

I did a little supermarket shopping and quite surprisingly didn’t find anything too unusual, but it wasn’t very big so I’m sure that will still come.

I’m off to dreamland now, as my eyes are closing and I need sleep.

Good Night Gypsies!! xxx

30 April 2017

Biggest accomplishment of the day….I managed to cross the street! Wooohooo!!! I am feeling very proud of myself.
So I had a huge sleep in this morning because the jetlag is catching up to me. I need to try and stick to the local times so that I can get over it already!

The rest of my day was filled with Vietnamese food and drink, but not forgetting my little western treat. That treat was what I like to call pizza.

I also visited a few shops and had myself a delicious little watermelon juice. Today has been quite productive and I am pleased that I have left no time for a nap, so that tonight I will hopefully get some much needed rest!

Holding thumbs that I sleep tonight! Good Night Gypsies xxx

29 April 2017

So today is my first real day in Hanoi. Time to explore.

I went to breakfast and received noodles. Hmm okay noodles for breakfast, I guess I could get used to that. I have also noticed the heat of Hanoi. Its only 27 degrees Celsius but feels a lot hotter. I always say don’t complain about the heat because its a lot better than the cold!

Another thing I discovered is my fear of crossing a street in Hanoi. I know it seems ridiculous but wait until you see the street….a whole lot of crazy. So I managed to do a bit of exploring today, but only on the one side of the street, haha. It is extremely beautiful and somewhere, thank goodness, I think I could live. The one thing I noticed, I don’t know if its just the area I’m in, but there aren’t many tourists so when I walk passed everyone stares at me.

I think there are going to be a lot of things to get use to, but lets face it I am in a completely new country. Anyway lets hope I can conquer crossing the street tomorrow.

Good Night Gypsies xxx

28 April 2017

Today I have reached Hanoi, Vietnam after a long and tiring day of travel. I flew from South Africa to Dubai, from Dubai to Yangon and then onto Hanoi. I recently, which was yesterday, heard that Yangon is in Burma, never heard of it before but could be a place to add to my list. Oh well, I have been to their airport.

Hanoi is so beautiful. When in the taxi, on the way from the airport, I noticed the incredibly unique beauty of the city. Trees surround the roads and buildings, which brings out a sense of nature in the city. I can feel the culture oooosing out of the buildings.

I am quite the tired girl at the moment, so its off to the shower and then to bed my dear. But wait….how exactly do you turn the shower on?? Who knows. Let me go try figure that one out!

Good night Gypsies xxx