Contiki Teaser

In July this year I will be jetting off to Europe, on a Contiki Tour. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to explore Europe and in the process I will be sharing my journey with you all. I will only be leaving in about 4 months but this is the introduction to my trip… Continue reading Contiki Teaser

Travel Food

Quick and Easy Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls

If you are look for something different but delicious to serve, these rice paper rolls are the perfect little snack or starter before a meal. They are also extremely healthy and delicious. Ingredients: Rice Paper wrappers Mayonnaise Any type of protein (e.g. chicken,crab,prawn) Any other salad ingredients that you enjoy eating. The ingredients are all up to… Continue reading Quick and Easy Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls


Never Stop Dreaming

I have always been memorised by dream catchers.  Not only are they beautiful, but the meaning behind them is so unique and filled with ancient beliefs. A dream catcher can be so beautiful, from its colour to its design there will always be so many to chose from. I love dream catchers because they add a calmness… Continue reading Never Stop Dreaming


Stellenbosch Vineyards and Bistro 13

Stellenbosch has always been on my list of places to visit and I have finally managed to take a trip down here. Even though I have only spent a few days in the little town, it has completely stolen my heart. The quirky street side cafe's , the stunning old buildings and the décor of each and every… Continue reading Stellenbosch Vineyards and Bistro 13