Never Stop Dreaming

I have always been memorised by dream catchers. 

Not only are they beautiful, but the meaning behind them is so unique and filled with ancient beliefs.

IMG_1706 (2)a.jpg

A dream catcher can be so beautiful, from its colour to its design there will always be so many to chose from. I love dream catchers because they add a calmness to a room and a sense of throwing out the bad and holding onto the good.

Dream catchers are the most fascinating tradition of the Native Americans and have been apart of their culture for many generations. 

They believe that the nights air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. It is believed that the dream catcher will catch the dreams as they flow by, the good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher and slide down the soft feathers or strings to the sleeping person bellow, where as, the bad dreams would get caught up in the web and perish when hit by the first light of the new day. 

The hoop of the dream catcher symbolises strength and unity, and is held in the highest esteem in the Native American culture.

Today dream catchers have become a part décor and many people do not understand the meaning and culture behind them. I believe that to truly see the beauty of something, one needs to understand its true meaning.

Always remember to ‘NEVER STOP DREAMING’.

Lots of Love xxx

(Written: 06/01/2016)


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