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Vietnam Life

So I have been in this busy city for 3 months and I am slowly starting to feel at home. Among the crazy traffic and beaming city, I have truly found the inner beauty of it all. Now obviously, when you move to any country in the world, there are always going to be negatives.… Continue reading Vietnam Life


My Ultimate Packing Guide for Vietnam

So after being in Hanoi, Vietnam for about 2 months, I have decided that I am qualified enough to write a Travelers packing guide for a Vietnamese summer trip. I will do a more in depth packing guide for people coming to teach/live in Vietnam soon. I am by no means an expert in this… Continue reading My Ultimate Packing Guide for Vietnam

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Vietnamese Candies and Snacks Taste Test Check out my newest video and let me know what you think. Which of these products do you think you would like the most? Do you know of any Vietnamese snacks and candies that I should try? Lots of love xxx