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Vietnam Life

So I have been in this busy city for 3 months and I am slowly starting to feel at home. Among the crazy traffic and beaming city, I have truly found the inner beauty of it all.

Now obviously, when you move to any country in the world, there are always going to be negatives. I guess the extent of the negatives will impact how long you continue to live there for. So, yes there are negatives but I definitely think that the positives out way them, in my case.

So on that note, what don’t I like about Hanoi so far??….. well pollution is a big thing. I know pollution is all over the world but it just is so much worse here. It is also very visible to everyone making it that much worse. However, there are precautions you can take to limit your intake of it. The second thing is the traffic. I still have not had the confidence to rent a bike because I am so incredibly scared of the roads. I do drive a car back in South Africa, so I am familiar with roads but these are on another level.

And now on to the good side of things, there are so many. Firstly, Hanoi is a beautiful country. Every where you look makes for an amazing view! And these views are always so authentic to Vietnam. The city at night is one view that takes my breath away every night.

Then onto the people…the Vietnamese people have been nothing but kind and sweet and generous. They are so welcoming to expats in their country and are always willing to help. They are also very encouraged to learn English and are always trying to speak to you to improve just a little.

The food….well other then the ‘different’ things people tend to eat here, I have enjoyed everything so far. There is a lot of noodles and rice in there diet but all with very nice flavour added to it. Pork is quite common here and mostly delicious. My favorite dish thus far is Bun Cha, which is a broth like liquid that delicious pork sits in. One adds so rice noodles and a couple greens and you have an amazing dish of food.


My job…so I just love my job. I mean everyday brings a different mood depending on whether the children annoy you or are super cute, but I must say that 90% of the time it has been a dream. I love teaching and getting to know the kids. They are all so interesting and growing into amazing adults. They are all so willing to learn English so it makes my job that much easier and more pleasant.

Hanoi all round has not disappointed and I am so glad I took the challenge and went for it. In 2 months I have learnt so much and grown so much as a person. Yes the ‘firsts’ are all a challenge but once you get through them you come out so happy and at peace.


Always remember………..NEVER STOP DREAMING! Your dreams can lead you to amazing places.

Lots of Love xxx

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