This is ME!

Hi, my name is Savannah Jade Klerck or Savi J, and I am the writer and editor of The Purple Gypsy.

I am an Actuarial Science student in Pretoria, South Africa. However, I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa so I spend time in both cities.

I would describe myself as a ‘free to be’, flowerchild who has a crazy love for the colour Purple. I love boho fashion and wearing flowers in my hair.

I am a true Gypsy at Heart, so naturally my favourite thing to do is travel. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many places including Mozambique, Mauritius, Dubai, London, Italy, Australia and Thailand, and I do hope to visit more destinations in the future. The most rewarding hoildays for me are beach holidays. There is nothing better than having the wind in your hair, sand on your feet and the ocean a couple steps away.

I hope this give you more insight to who I am and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.

Lots of Love xxx

(Written: 18/12/2015)

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