‘Must Haves’ for Travelling

These few things are some of the ‘must haves’ I believe one needs when traveling.

Travel Journal


Documenting your travels is very important. This allows you to go back, read and reflect on your memories. Even if you don’t get the time everyday to write, jotting down a few of the most special memories is still a great thing. 

Typo have some lovely Travel Journals. The Journal shown in the picture above is one from Typo.

Selfie Stick


When traveling by yourself or with one other person it becomes difficult to take photos of yourself or with the two of you together. This is when a selfie stick becomes handy.

Power Bank


When on your travel’s, pictures are always important and these days smart phones take amazing photos so you don’t have to take along a big camera. Taking pictures on your phone uses a lot of its battery and so a power bank will be needed. Don’t forget to charge it overnight.

Polaroid Camera


Taking photos is the perfect way to document your memories and with a polaroid you can get instant reminders. This way you can even swap pictures with new friends you have made.

Something to keep you occupied on the plane.

  • Magazines


Gets some of your favourite magazines and catch up on the latest tricks and trends.

  • Adult Colouring-Inimg_2683

This is proving to be a wonderful form of therapy, so if you get scared or anxious to fly then this can be a great way of calming your nerves for the flight.

I hope all these items are in your bag when you travel. Let me know what other items you believe are a ‘must-have’ for traveling.

Lots of Love xxx

(Written: 15/06/2016 )


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