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Review: Beauty Factory Candy Floss Range

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to your Valentine?? My advice would be to visit the Beauty Factory and check out their Candy Floss Range.


The products in this post come from the Candy Floss Range and include Bath Milk, Foam Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Oil and a Hand and Nail Cream.

Full Cream Bath Milk


Bath Milk was actually discovered centuries ago, however back then they bathed in pure milk. The bath milk we bathe in today is much better for your skin as it has added emollients. When trying out this product I didn’t know what to expect as it was the first time I have ever used bath milk. I found it to be a mix between foam bath and bath oil. Yes it makes foam in your bath! I was also shocked. It left my skin feeling silky smooth and it added some foam to my bath. I think I will be using this product more often in the future.

Creamy Moisturising Bath Oil


This bath oil is one of the best I have ever used. I have been using this Beauty Factory product for quiet some time now, and I have found it to be an incredible product. Pouring it into your bath, leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I have also found that rubbing it into your skin in the shower is also a great way to use it. So if you are not a bath person then, when in the shower, pour some onto your hand and rub it into your skin. It does exactly the same as being in your bath.

Luxurious Lathering Foam Bath


This foam bath is made with plant-based oils to replenish the skin and retain moisture. It has a very sweet but subtle fragrance that leaves you bath smelling like a sweet shop. This foam bath was so soft on my skin and it filled the bath with a lot of foam. Many foam baths these days don’t actually foam a lot, but this Candy Floss Foam Bath definitely does. I love foam bath and this has become my go to foam bath.

Creamy Moisturising Bath Salts


All the products in the Candy Floss range have the same scent, however in this product it is incredibly emphasised. The fragrance is defined as bergamot and orange with light strawberry, plum and vanilla accents, which when combined together smell just like Candy Floss. When used in the bath, this product fills the bathroom with amazing aromatics. It turns the water a very light shade of pink and adds a bit of glitter into the bath. Once out the bath, my skin felt very refreshed and had a slight glitter to it. I could feel a tingle to my skin, so it must be working well. What a wonderful product!

Beautifully Fragranced Hand and Nail Creamimg_4958

This hand cream absorbs quickly and nourishes your hands for supple, softer skin. It contains vitamin E, which is rich in anti-oxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage and slows down premature ageing of skin.

This cream leaves your hands feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The fragrance is long-lasting on your  hands, and could easily pass as perfume.

“From me to me, with love! Spoil yourself everyday with Beauty Factory’s extensive range of luxurious bath and body products. Go Straight to the source for outstanding quality and value…direct from the Beauty Factory to your bathroom.” -Beauty Factory

Comment below what your favourite Beauty Factory product is.

These products can be purchased at any Beauty Factory Store or online at .


Bath Milk: R 129.90

Bath Oil: R 179.90

Foam Bath: R 129.90

Bath Salts: R 119.90

Hand and Nail Cream:  R59.90

Lot of Love xxx

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