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Travelers Beauty Products

I have decided to write this post because, since living in Vietnam and traveling a bit, I have noticed that there are certain beauty products that I just can’t live without. I am by no means a beauty freak ,but I still like to look after my skin and my body. 

The weather and altitude are different in different countries and so this has a great effect on your skin and body. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. So I have put together a few products I think that every traveler needs.


A moisturizing body cream 

Your skin reacts to change in weather a great deal. Having a good body cream is so important to ensure you keep your skin in good condition. If you live in South Africa I would recommend this Pure & Simple Beauty Factory Body Souffle. It not only has the most amazing scent, but also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.



Micellar water

Micellar water is such a wonderful product. Ever since I discovered it, I can’t live without it. If you are visiting a humid country, like Hanoi, then this is a must. I use it everyday when I come home to wipe all the impurities and dirt off my face. Vietnam is also quite a polluted country so this helps ensure your skin doesn’t feel the effects of the pollution. My skin always feels extremely fresh after I have used it. It is something you should use on your skin everyday no matter where you are in the world. I would recommend the lovely Hydro Boost Micellar water from Neutrogena. Its lovely on your skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feel to your skin.



Lip Ice/Oil

Lips are another thing that change according to the weather conditions. I find here in Hanoi, I don’t use lip oil that much but I know if you in cold weather conditions lips are always the first to feel it. 

I would recommend the Essence Lip Oil , I can’t live without it.




Citronella Essential Oil

This is typically for countries that are prone to mosquitoes. I have found using the essential oil is so much better than any other citronella products. This is because you can just add a few drops to your favorite body cream or simply burn it over a candle in your room. It’s very handy and easier to use than the other products. The citronella incense stick are also very helpful and easy.




Hair Oil 

Hair also gets affected a great deal by the changes in weather, as well as water quality. For example, here in Hanoi, my hair grows extremely fast but falls out just as fast. It is due to the bad quality of tap water and the humidity. To help with this problem, a hair oil is always helpful. Argon Oil is always a great product, but I have also found this Oh So Heavenly Hair oil to be fantastic. It also comes in a travel mini size which is just another great plus. It last long ,even though it is small, because you don’t use that much after each wash.



Sun Screen 

Always important no matter where you go. Even when you in the snow, sunscreen is important due to the reflection. Good coverage and a high factor for your face is a must. I love this Sun Protest sun screen from Clicks(another South African product). It also a mini travel size and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and is quickly absorbed.


Dry Shampoo

When traveling or moving to a new country hair reacts and either gets oily very quickly or you don’t have time every day to wash it, so dry shampoo becomes a good friend. It also adds volume and life in an easy way. Batiste is definitely the best brand of dry shampoo in my opinion.

I hope this list helps you when packing for your travels.

Lots of Love xxx

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