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France Part 2: The French Riviera and Monaco

Driving along the French country side we stumbled upon the Chateaux Fountainebleau which was a sovereign residency for eight centuries and later, apartments where built in one wing for guests. Its beauty is undeniable and it is situated in the gorgeous, quaint, little town of Fountainebleau.


 Another treat was visiting a French Perfumery along the way. We went on a tour through the perfumery and learnt a few tips and tricks.

Tip: the best place to spray your perfume is on your wrists, because it ensures the scent is long-lasting.

I smelt the most amazing array of different scents and learnt a wealth of knowledge about perfumes.



We stayed about a 5 minutes away from the beach, so as soon as we got there we stopped at a supermarket and got a picnic together and spend the whole evening on the beach. The sea is absolutely magical because it is so clear and has no waves. I am amazed how late the sun goes down in summer in Europe, and therefore 8pm is the best time to go for a dip in the ocean.

I am a beach and sun lover, so the next day Nice was my destination of choice. Spending the day on the beach and lying in the sun was a real treat. Nice is such a beautiful place and has the most amazing coastline. It is one of the places I visited on this trip that I will most definitely be visiting again.

And then it was off to meet the rich and famous….in Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and is bordered by France on three sides while the other side is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

The streets are lined with the most expensive cars and most exquisite shops. The harbour is a beautiful sight due to the large amount of yachts that fill it up.

Visiting the Monte Carlo Casino was an amazing experience. The decor ,the people and the atmosphere is one that is indescribable. At night the outside of the Casino is lite up which makes the whole building come alive into a Majestic Building.

I didn’t know it until I got there, but the French Riviera is definitely a must have on your Travel Bucket List. It is the perfect destination for a European beach Summer.

Lots of Love xxx

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