Gelato, Pasta ,Pizza ….Italy!!!

Gelato, Pasta, Pizza, Gorgeous Men and some more Gelato.

A country with so many amazing places and such a rich history, where Gelato is the staple food of tourists and even some of the locals.

I can only be talking about ITALY right??

Of course!!

From the amazing Florentine alleyways, to the city of the Gladiators and then the floating city, what better place to travel to.

My highlight of Florence was the tour guide we had, who took us all around the city. His favourite thing to speak about was ‘Fake David’.I am sure most of you know that the famous statue of David is kept in the Accademia Gallery in Florence, but there is a replica of the statue in the Piazza della Signoria and to our tour guide this statue went under the name of ‘Fake David’, which is true I guess. But add an Italian accent to that and join a tour with fifty odd young adults and it becomes a whole lot of funny.

Roma Roma Roma! A city filled with ancient ruins and so much history. The Colosseum ,in my opinion, is one of the most fascinating places and I would recommend that if you visit Rome the most important place to go into and see is this amazing wonder. It is a structure so incredible and magnificent, you cannot actually believe your eyes.

Another must do in Rome is to go see the Pope at the Vatican City. I was lucky enough to be in Rome on a Sunday and that is when the Pope comes to his window to do Mass. As small and as far away as he was, I still got to see him.

Another definite thing to do in Rome is go make a wish in the Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that you must throw one coin in for luck, a second one in for love and a third for marriage.



The Floating City…..Venice.

Another fascinating place that literally looks like its floating on water due to the huge amount of canals that run through it. Through these canals one can enjoy a very romantic Gondola Ride, that takes you around the very pretty city. Venice apparently is slowly sinking and wont be there for very much longer, so if you haven’t travelled there yet put it on the top of your list.

And I almost forgot about the O so famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is of course in Pisa. Now this is a structure that totally blows your mind because it shouldn’t make sense but somehow it is still standing. A very important part of seeing this is to take the famous ‘leaning’ picture, but watch out for the jokers who decide to come and high-five you just as soon as you get your pose in the right angle.

Have you been to Italy before? Let me know of your experiences there.

Lots of Love xxx

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