More Beer??….Germany!

The time I spent in Germany was one of great experience, as well as an eye opener.

I visited Munich and the Rhine Valley.

I spent my first day cycling around Munich, in the rain. I think the addition of rain made the whole experience that much more exciting. Munich is a beautiful city filled with spectacular architecture. This was the one destination I wish I had more time in and will definitely go back and explore in the future.


Dinner that night was quite an experience, I had a whole pork Knuckle. It was actually a very delicious dish but I have tried it once, and I think once is enough.

We then hit the streets to visit the Hofbrauhaus. This is a huge beer hall that serves 1 litre mugs of beer, huge pretzels and a raucous night of singing and dancing. The German people are so festive and welcoming. We spent the night having a blast with very high quality beer by our side.

On the way to the Rhine Valley, we stopped at th Dachau Concentration Camp. This was definitely an intense experience. I do, however, feel that visiting a concentration camp is something that everyone should do once in their lives. It was a huge reality check and left a saddness in my heart. To see what those people went through was heart breaking. I have read many books and seen many pictures about the Holocaust, but actually seeing it first hand put everything into perspective.

The Rhine Valley was one of my favourite places on the trip. Driving along the river bamk was so incredibly beautiful as it is lined with old antique houses.


I visited a beerstein shop, a birkenstocks shop and Cuckoo clock retailer. These three products are very unique to Germany. The Cuckoo clock retailer is the home of the largest free hanging Cuckoo clock in the world.


Our evening was finished off by a wine tasting in an underground cellar. We tasted all of Germany’s finest wines, my favourite was definietly the ice wine. Obviously it was the most expensive so no purchases happened there.

Please to share your Germany experiences with me.

Lots of Love xxx

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