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Did someone say AMSTERDAM??

What a beautiful place Amsterdam turned out to be!

We drove from the Rhine Valley ,in Germany, through Edam, in the Netherlands and then on to Amsterdam.

Edam was a stunning place, where we visited a cheese and clog factory. We were first taken through the smelly process of making cheese and then introduced to the incredibly intricate world of making clogs. It’s amazing to see these men carve the clogs right in front of your eyes. The accuracy and time it takes to make each pair by hand is extraordinary. I decided it would be too heavy to pack a pair of wooden clogs into my suitcase so I opted for the slipper clogs, which have been a great asset to my comfy wardrobe.


Then we were off for a bike ride around Edam. Cycling through the quaint canals and street was nothing short of spectacular. We passed a gorgeous old windmill and saw many, many sheep.



And then off to Amsterdam we went.

After a very fun day, our next stop was a walk through the Red Light District and then we ended up at a Sex Show. It was an interesting thing to experience and something I feel like you have to do if you go visit Amsterdam. I will leave the rest of the opinion up to you.

Day 2 in Amsterdam was spent cruising on water bikes around the canals, which was rather interesting due to the crazy party we had the night before. However, the beauty of Amsterdam was still all around us. We passed the Anne Frank House and were captured by the pretty sights of the city.

You know those pictures you see of Amsterdam with the perfect canals, gorgeous little flower window boxes and bicycles positioned perfectly along the bridges?? That’s exactly what Amsterdam looks like. In terms of beauty, Amsterdam was definitely my favourite destination on my trip.


Processed with VSCO

After a great final dinner together, we ended off the night enjoying each others company and having some fun.

The last day was a sad one, as there were so many people to say goodbye to. But it was the end of an amazing trip that I will cherish for a lifetime.

I would love to hear what you think about Amsterdam and about your trip’s around the Netherlands. Be sure to tag me in your pictures on social media and comment bellow.

Lots of Love xxx

(Keep a look out for my post that will be up soon about why I think Contiki is a must for young adults.)

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