Montecasino Bird Gardens

Good Morning Gypsies!

I spent sometime this morning at the amazing Montecasino Bird Gardens and I enjoyed every minute. If you looking for a nice day out in nature, it is a wonderful place to relax and take in the beauty of our world. 

The Bird Garden is home not only to many species of colourful birds, but also to mammals and reptiles. They have over 60 species of birds in a beautiful aviary. One is allowed to walk through the aviary and feed the birds. Some of these species include Pelicans, Macaws, Eagles and Flamingo’s and many more.

They also put on a very educational Flight of Fantasy show, which enlightens one to the intelligence and magical world of birds. If you do attend the show keep a look out for Savannah, the Northern Ground Hornbill. 


I love watching birds. They make one feel so at peace with life and show an undeniable beauty that no one can explain. If you love birds, this is an awesome place for you to visit.

After a long walk around the Gardens one can then sit back, watch the flamingos and indulge in wonderful food at the lovely Flamingo Café.

Lots of Love  xxx

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