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Purple is the new Black

Purple is my favourite colour and so I decided to take a look deeper into its history and meaning. I find Purple magical because it is a colour with many different dimensions. From lavender which has a felling of calm and precious to a rich, dark purple which is deep and mysterious.


Purple is very rare in nature and ,hence is seen as a sacred colour. The first extracts of Purple came from shellfish so therefore it was hugely expensive to create. In the olden days only the rich could afford to extract the colour ,it then became colour that only the most royal garments where made out of. This is how Purple came to symbolize power and royalty.

Purple is a combination of the calm and stable blue and the warm and fiery red, this allows it to posses both cool and warm properties. It is the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and is a few steps away from x-rays and gamma rays. 

Purple has a variety of meanings but the most common are magic, mystery, creativity and royalty.The different shades of purple can also change the meaning of the colour.Light Purple gives off feminine energy and delicacy, with a touch of romance. This is why most purple flowers are considered delicate and precious.Dark Purple represents gloom and frustration.Bright Purple is my favourite kind of purple and it symbolizes riches and royalty.

When it comes to people liking the colour, there is a huge generational divide. People’s opinions of purple are either one of the two extremes, they love it or they hate it.

Leave a comment bellow if your favourite colour is also Purple.

Lots of Love xxx

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