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I love Cape Town (and Table Mountain).

When traveling around or to South Africa, Cape Town is the number one destination to visit. The beauty and perfection of the city is undeniable. Everywhere you look is beautiful and breath-taking. I love the vibe and atmosphere that is Cape Town.


Stellenbosch is one of the places in Cape Town that filled my gypsy heart completely. I love the energy that flows through the streets, as well as the quaint street side cafes. Another favourite of mine is Bo Kaap, what an incredible place it is. The colourful walls make for gorgeous looking streets and great photo back drops. Chapmans Peak drive is one experience that cannot be missed. Driving along the sea can be somewhat daunting but it is absolutely beautiful and a sight worth feeling a little scared for. Muizenberg beach is another one of my favourites. The colourful huts along the beach make for a stunning view. It is so fun and an explosion of colour.

I have amazing memories in every one of the above places in Cape Town. The one other place that is an important mention is Boulders Beach. I remember going on beach holidays down to Cape Town, as a child. My sister and I would play on Boulders Beach for hours. The surrounding of the adorable penguins also adds a different and fun aspect to the beach.


Then there is the ever so famous Table Mountain. It is a mountain range that has recently been deemed as one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the Nature’. It is 260 million years old and a huge African Icon. I have amazing memories of taking my Finnish exchange student up the cable car to the top of the mountain and be amazed at the beauty of the city. That memory is something I will never forget.

I have recently entered the Cape Town Challenge and have taken on the task of building a model of  Table Mountain. For this project I really wanted to incorporate my blog into the model so I decided to build Table Mountain with a Purple Gypsy Twist. I know that it is not a realistic version but I believe in exploring your creativity to the highest limits and so that’s exactly what I have done. I have chosen to design this model with the use of String Art. This is something I have never done before so I was very excited to see how it turned out. I was pleasantly surprised at my result.


Table Mountain is a huge landmark in Cape Town, South Africa as well as being an African icon. In my model I have tried to incorporate all these aspects. I have enlarged Table Mountain to portray a better model and showed its geographical location by use of a string arrow and a purple heart to locate Cape Town.


Let me know what you think of my model in the comments below.

My wish is for return Flights to Cape Town.


Lots of Love xxx

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