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Skin Pampering with Beauty Factory


Feel like your skin is very dried out and needs a lift? Then keep reading to find out what I recommend from the Beauty Factory’s Candy Pink Range to give your skin a silky smooth pampering.


These lovely products include:

Silky Smooth Shower Crème


Enriched with the scent of a Spanish Garden of sweet must, this Shower Crème is a must-have in your shower. I enjoyed this product as it really soften my skin and also ensure a very fragrance-filled shower. One doesn’t necessarily even have to apply cream after using this as it softs your skin so incredibly.

Skin-Firming Body Lotion


This Body Lotion contains coenzyme Q10 to soften and replenish the skin. It has skin-firming properties and is great for everyday use. When I applied the lotion, it was so soft and thick on my skin. I got a bit confused because I felt grainy bits in the lotion. I then realised that this grain was my dry skin. I was so surprised because I didn’t even class my skin as dry at that moment but the lotion got straight to work. This is definitely one of my Beauty Factory Favourites.

Silky Smooth Body Butter


This extra-moisturising body butter leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It is extremely rich and creamy. I would recommend this for everyday use to people who suffer from very dry skin. It is also a great solution if you suddenly suffer from dry skin due to changes in climate or any other cause.

Creamy Moisturising Body Mousse


This mousse leaves your skin soft, supple and feeling moisturised with added Q10 which assists in firming of the skin. This is another good option for everyday use. It isn’t as thick as the other products but is very creamy. My skin felt very fresh after using this product.

You can purchase these products at any Beauty Factory store or online at .


Shower Crème: R 69.90

Body Lotion: R 79.90

Body Butter: R 79.90

Body Mousse: R 119.90

Lots of Love xxx

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