A place I deem as my ultimate paradise (keeping in mind that I still have many beautiful destinations to visit). It beauty consumes the country and the people.

I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the south of Mozambique, that being Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane. The vibe that is Mozambique is one that is difficult to put into words, but I will try. As you set your feet into Mozambique a kind of chilled, relaxed feeling sets in. It is somewhat a carefree feeling that makes one relax as soon as you see the small little towns. In the south it is very rural and underprivileged, with street side food markets and gorgeously hand-crafted street bars.

The days are spent soaking in the beautiful sunrays and enjoying a sea of magic. The ocean in Mozambique is one of my favourites in the world. There are no extreme waves, occasionally a few big waves, but most days you can take your lilo into the ocean and float for hours. Quad biking is a huge favourite over there, this has a lot to do with the fact that there aren’t many tar roads in the south, so the sand make for a very fun ride. Water sports are also amazing due to the fact that the ocean is so calm.

One morning we woke up and decide to go on an excursion. This was an experience that will last in my memory forever. We went out into the ocean on a rub duck boat. Just as we were outside the bay we hoped off the boat, equipped with our snorkelling gear and waited. The site that came next was something magical, a whole pod of graceful dolphins swam right past us and left the entire group speechless. The elegance and poise of these animals is absolutely incredible. They are also incredibly smart and can out-smart many fish in the sea.


Let me set the scene for you of a typical night in Ponta do Ouro. Club-wear includes your bikini and shorts, make-up is unheard of and the most important thing is to enjoy your evening. Getting ready takes five minutes as all you need is a quick shower and to pop on a very casual outfit. As you enter the bamboo-walled clubs, you feel the soft beach sand between your toes and you head for the bar to make sure you get that incredibly strong taste of a R & R. Due to how small the place is, the people dancing next to you on the ‘dance-floor’ are the same people you sat next to on the beach that day, and from then on they become your best friends for the holiday. When the night comes to a halt, you set off on foot to your accommodation for a peaceful nights rest.

For a more peaceful evening, there are also many great pub type restaurants. There are two of these pub that are worth mentioning. One is the Sunset Shack in Ponta Malongane. This is a loud and energetic pub that looks onto a gorgeous dam. They also serve delicious food, but always remember that food in Mozambique is about an hours wait so be patient, relax and take in the scenery around you (this goes for all restaurants and pubs in Mozambique). Another pub is called Fernando’s, situated in Ponta do Ouro. An amazing place that is quite a tourist destination in Ponta. Having an R&R here is an experience everyone has to have. I think they much prefer the Rum than Raspberry at Fernando’s.

Mozambique is definitely my favourite destination I have visited so far. I love that it has such an easy and chilled vibe about it. It really pulls at my Gypsy strings.

Check out my vlog on Ponta do Ouro:

Check out my second vlog on Mozambique. This one is about Ponta Malongane:

Leave a comment down below telling me your favourite Mozambique memories.

Lots of Love xxx


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