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Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve -The Nearest Faraway Place

A gorgeous Nature Reserve situated in the Cradle of Humankind. Upon arrival one is greeted by magical sable, zebra, water hog and many other exquisite animals . The beauty of African wildlife is bought right into your view.

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is home to more than 30 different types of species. These are viewable by private car or guided game drives. The Nature Reserve offers many services and fun experiences including accommodation, restaurants and the Wonder Cave.


They also have enclosures that are home to cheetahs, lions and wild dog. One can drive into these enclosures and view the game in their natural habitats. On certain days and at certain times they have a feeding period and one can go in and witness the feeding of the animals.

Another addition to there reserve is the Animal Crèche, where you can view infant animals. In some of these enclosures at the Animal Crèche you can go in and play with the animals. This is an experience that will remain with you forever. On my many visits to this incredible reserve, I have had the privilege of playing with a Jaguar, Lions and a Cheetah.

Every time I have had the pleasure of visiting this Nature Reserve I have been impressed. From the amazing views, to the health and conditions of the animals, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve never disappoints.

I would recommend this for a fun day out with your kids or to bring overseas guests to show off amazing South Africa.

To find out more information please visit their website at

Lots of Love xx

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