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Earth Bound Beach Range from Beauty Factory

I am a huge lover of Beauty Factory and I was lucky enough to receive a lovely package this month from them. This month is all about the Earth Bound Beach Range.

All these products that I will be reviewing in this post are made with the essences of sea minerals and kelp. Kelp is packed with vitamins and minerals, and it is wonderful for your health as well as for your skin. These products all share the same scent, which leaves you lost in the exact smell I associate with the Beach.

Another aspect I would like to comment on ,with regards to theses products, is the packaging. It definitely makes one think of the beach and a summers day. The hand wash and cream are perfect to use as display in your guest bathroom.

Luxury Shower Gel


This shower gel allows you to have a softer skin in and out of the shower. When I tried it out, I absolutely loved it. I am more of a shower gel ‘kinda’ girl than a soap one. It left my shower and my skin smelling like the scent of the ocean. The one thing I enjoyed about this product is that it is a true reflection of the saying ‘A little goes a long way’. I used a very small amount of product and I was still able to wash my whole body entirely.

Luxury Hand Wash


This product, as well as containing seaweed and kelp, contains vitamin E. This allows for your hands to feel softer and more pampered. The texture of this product is quite jelly-like, but once it is worked into the hands it becomes more liquid. It is very gentle on the skin and allows your hands to be pampered. The pump on the bottle is extremely useful and allows one to use the product efficiently. Be careful when opening this product as the pump actually pops up when you turn it to open it.

Luxury Hand Cream


This product also contains vitamin E, so using this in conjunction with the Hand Wash makes for smoother, softer skin that helps keep your hands moisturised. This hand cream has the strongest scent of all the products. I found it quite thin but still very nourishing on your hands. As with the hand wash, be aware of the pump that pops up when opening.

Another amazing thing that I must mention about the Beauty Factory is that they are lovers of wildlife , hence their products are cruelty free. This is something I always look for in a brand as I dont not support testing on animals.


Luxury Shower Gel: R 89.90

Luxury Hand Wash: R 89.90

Luxury Hand Cream: R 89.90

‘From me to me, with love! Spoil yourself every day with Beauty Factory’s extensive range of luxurious bath and body products. Go straight to the source for outstanding quality and value…direct from the Beauty Factory to your bathroom.’ -Beauty Factory

These products can be found at any Beauty Factory Store or can be purchased online at

Check out other products from Beauty Factory online at .

Let me know which Beauty Factory Products are your favourite.

Lots of Love xxx

P.S. Dont forget to check out My Beauty Factory Favourites Video now up on my YouTube Channel.


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