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Documenting your Travels

I believe that it is extremely important to document your travels. Whether it be writing down your experiences or capturing amazing images. These days, once images are captured they just sit in a lovely folder on your laptop or on the wall of your Facebook page. However, I have found a new amazing way to display these images so that one can look back at your adventures by paging through a exquisite book.

There is an amazing printing company by the name of Q-Photo. Not only do they offer regular printing, they also specialise in photo gifts. One of these products include Photobooks and this product is absolutely perfect to document you travels. One can let your creativity gene kick in and have so much fun designing and creating your own unique photobook.


They support a software by the name of Picasso Album Maker, that you can download online and the rest is up to your creativity. The only criticism I have, is that the software can be quiet slow from time to time, but patience is key in this situation.

The pictures shown here are of the beautiful photobook I created to document my Contiki tour to Europe.

These photobooks are also great for documenting birthdays and other special occasions. They also make for wonderful gifts for loved ones.

If you want to create your own personal photobook or any other photo gifts they offer, then visit Q-Photo online at .

Lots of Love xxx

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