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Experiences in the Mother City – Cape Town

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Cape Town. My family and I intended to go down for the Cape Argus Cycle Challenge, however it was unfortunately cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Even though the race was cancelled, we still had a lovely time. Cape Town is a beautiful city- one of the most beautiful in the world I believe. The mixture of the gorgeous mountain views and sea-side atmosphere makes for wonderful scenic views all around.

Our accomodation was a bit of a let down. We stayed at Villa al Romantica, which wasn’t the highlight of our stay. On arrival to the Villa we were unable to contact the owners or find anyone on the property. A phone call didn’t even help as there was no answer. We then had to make our selves busy for a bit and then tried again but still no answer. Eventually someone came and we were introduced to our room. The room was wonderfully decorated and the view a great one, however our bathroom was out in the hallway and so getting from the bedroom to the bathroom was quiet a challenge. However, this did not dampen our holiday.

We tried out Crumbs and Cream for the first time, and this definitely turned our frowns upside down. They make ice cream sandwiches but not just any ice cream sandwich, the most delicious ones. There is a range of incredible flavoured biscuits, as well as ice cream flavours, for one to choose from. They then put a scoop of the ice cream between two of your chosen biscuits and there you have your ice cream sandwich. Next time I visit Cape Town, Crumbs and Cream will be my first stop.

Another amazing place worth mentioning is Simon’s Town. The home of the penguins and beautiful sea-views. Its a stunning place that has so much to offer.

Bo Kaap is a bloggers paradise. The colourful walls that line the streets make for a majestic scenery and some lovely Instagram photos. Even if you not a blogger or ‘Instagrammer’, be sure to make Bo Kaap one of your destinations as it is a spectacular place to visit, filled with so much history.

The V&A Waterfront is situated on Dock Street, Cape Town. The waterfront is filled with amazing restaurants and lovely things to do. I have always wanted to ride the Cape Wheel, unfortunately I didn’t get to do it this time but I can just imagine the views from the top of it. The Market on the Wharf is another great attraction of the waterfront. It is filled with hundreds of different stalls of food, each and everyone being absolutely delicious.

These were some of the places I visited in Cape Town on my trip, however there are many more exquisite destinations. Let me know which is your favourite destination in Cape Town.

Lots of Love xx

P.S. Be sure to check out my vlogs of my 3 days in Cape Town on my YouTube Channel.



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