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Tissue Oils with Beauty Factory

I have been crushing over this range for a while. I have seen it on Beauty Factory Social Media and on their website, and I have eventually gone out and bought it.

The thing that really attracted me to this range is that it incorporate so many different types of tissue oils into the products, which are amazing for your skin.

These are the tissue oils that are incorporated in some of the products and how they help your skin:

  • Calendula Oil -Promotes glowing skin
  • Lavender Oil – Prevents Moisture Loss
  • Sweet Almond Oil – Softens and Conditions
  • Chamomile Oil – Replenishes Skins Natural Oils
  • Rosemary Oil – Soothes and Nourishes
  • Soybean Oil – Promotes Cell Rejuvenation
  • Vitamin E – Helps Repair Damages Skin


The products that I decided to buy include the Body Butter, Hand & Nail Cream and the Tissue Oil. I was then fortunate enough to get sent the Body Soufflé from the Beauty Factory.


The Hand & Nail Cream is my absolute favourite. Firstly, it has an unbelievable smell ,which I cant actually pin point to a single flavour (you will just have to try it out). Secondly, it leaves your hands feeling fresh and nourished. Due to all the incorporated tissue oils, it also works wonders on your cuticles.


The Body Butter is extremely rich and creamy and is perfect for use when our skin tends to be on the dryer side. This is the only product I bought that contains the Soybean Oil. The Soybean Oil promotes cell rejuvenation, that is why this product is perfect for dry skin.


I love Tissue Oil and this specific Tissue Oil is from the Tissue Oil Range so it just has to be amazing. It is so unique and I hold it high above other brands due to the fact that it incorporates over 5 different oils. Tissue Oil is so useful because it can be used for a number of different things including scars, sun-burn and even hair treatments.


Then I was so happy when my mailbox from Beauty Factory included the Body Soufflé’ . I have now decided that this product is my favourite in the range ( however that changes on a daily basis because they are all so good). This Soufflé is more for everyday use to look after and keep your skin glowing. It is extremely light and fluffy, and absorbs very quickly. And the Beauty Factory are currently running a promotion that you can buy any  2 Body Soufflés for R145. What a bargain! The promotion ends on 9th April, so be sure to visit their stores before then!


Hand & Nail Cream: R 79.90

Body Butter: R 99.90

Tissue Oil: R

Body Soufflé: On promotion- Buy any 2 for R145

To find these amazing products you can visit any Beauty Factory store, selected Pick ‘n Pay store and Selected Edgars store. They are also available online at .

Be sure to visit the Beauty Factory’s website for more lovely products at

Lots of Love xxx

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