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Essentials Range for a Smoother Skin – Beauty Factory Product Review

So in the last two weeks my skin has been softer than ever, and that is due to the fact that everyday I have had the choice of 6 Body Soufflés to work into my skin. In this post I will be reviewing 3 of these, they are all Body Soufflés with natural essential oils.

I have found that these products all have the same basic make-up, their only difference is the scent they produce and that they each have slightly different positives. They contain milk proteins and Vitamin E which ensure that your skin is nourished, hydrated and comforted. They are extremely creamy and rich, and have the perfect effect on you skin. After using these products, my skin has never felt better and more smooth. They apply wonderfully and are absorbed quickly.

Green Olive Body Soufflé


This Soufflé contains avocado oil and olive oil, which constitutes into an extremely refreshing scent of green olives and herbs. The combination of these two oils will smooth and protect dry skin whilst boosting anti-oxidants levels. Basically, it leaves your skin feel moisturised and soft.

Wild Lavender Body Soufflé


This products contains lavender oil and argan oil.  Wild Lavender doesn’t only help your skin but the scent it gives off calms the mind and adds a sense of comfort. So using this product is great for the skin as well as the mind. The big benefit of these essential oils is that restores your skins natural moisture levels.

Orange Blossom Body Soufflé


The essential oils added to this product include lemon oil and olive oil. This combination promotes healthy purified skin whilst also improving skin tone and leaving it feeling soft and nourished. This product smells exactly like citrus blossoms in the spring time.


My favourite product out of these 3 is the Wild Lavender Body soufflé. This is purely based on the scent. I think they are all equally amazing on the skin. I think the best idea would be to purchase all 3 and alternate to ensure your skin receives the benefits of each soufflé.


Green Olive Body Soufflé: R 89.90

Wild Lavender Body Soufflé: R 89.90

Orange Blossom Body Soufflé: R 89.90

These products can be found at any Beaury Factory store nation wide, and at selected Pick n Pay stores. One can also find them online at .

To find out more about any of these products or any other Beauty Factory products please visit their online site at .

Lots of Love xxx

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    Thanks for the review – looking good. Please could you change the following comments as they are inacurrate: *Change Body Shop to Beauty Factory *Delete Edgars as these Essentials ranges are not available at Edgars
    Please advise when changes have been made.


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