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The Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

So the Old Quarter very quickly became my favourite place in Hanoi so far. I know I haven’t been to many places as yet but wow the day I spent here was so much fun!

My day was filled with a lot of shopping, of which I could have done a lot more haha, as well as a little treat to myself!

Let’s start with the shopping part. The Old Quarter is made up of 36 streets that are lined with many different shops. They are more or less sorted according to which goods or items they sell. So there is a street that has mostly jewelry, one mostly linen and so on. However, every now and then you will find a shop that is different to what the street is ‘meant to be for’.

I had the best time in the Old Quarter. I bought a lantern, some lights on a string, amazing peppermint tea, a beautiful backpack, an embroidered money pouch and some linen. I could have gone a lot more crazy however I decided I’m going to wait for my first pay check and then I can go a little crazy! I found most things relatively cheap, however the linen was on the expensive side. But it is beautiful. Amongst all the shops one will also find cute little street side cafes selling food, coffee and delicious smoothies. The streets are gorgeous and make for a stunning atmosphere.


Whilst strolling around the Old Quarter, I stumbled upon a gorgeous church. I think it’s the most beautiful building I have seen in Hanoi. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was at the time but I have since researched it and discovered that it is called St. Joseph’s Cathedral. It is a Catholic cathedral.


I also decided to spoil myself with a little treat. This included a manicure and a pedicure. I had gel on my hands and was so amazed at their work. The nail art that these ladies can do is pinterest kind of work. I now know where all the pictures on pinterest come from. The mani and pedi were extremely cheap and I was very satisfied with the end result. Next time I think I need to add a massage in!

So that was my experiences in the Old Quarter and I’m sure I will have many more to come soon. I definitely think it’s a place worth visiting if you are in Hanoi.


Let me know if you have been here before or what other places I should check out, in Hanoi, in the comments.

Lots of Love xxx

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