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Banana Leaves – an extract from At Home in the World

This is an extract from the book I am currently reading called ‘At Home in the World’. I found this message to be so inspiring, I had to share it with you all.

“Banana Leaves

When I was a young monk in Vietnam, I realised something while meditating on a young banana plant, which had three leaves. The first leaf had completely unfurled and was exposed to the sun and rain and was enjoying her new life as a leaf. The second leaf was still unfurling, not yet fully open. The third leaf, the younger sister, was not yet open.

I noticed that as the first leaf unfolded, she was also helping her younger sisters to grow. She unfolded and enjoyed the sunshine and the rain. She sang every time the wind blew. The first and second leaves saw themselves in the third leaf. When the time came for the first leaf to wither and dry up, she did not cry. She knew that she would live on in the second and third leaves. Eventually, she went back to the soil and served as nourishment for the whole banana tree and the other leaves that came after her. ” – At Home in the World- ‘Banana Leaves’ (Thich Nhat Hanh, 2016: 31)

Thich Nhat Hanh then goes on using this comparison to life. Imagine you were the first leaf, what would you do?  We should rather help each other out and not fight, quarrel or compete with one another. Together we can help each other grow.

This is a very inspirational and spirit-lifting book. It is filled with short stories and amazing life lessons.

Comment bellow if you have read this book.

Lots of Love xxx

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